Por: Jaquelinne M. Calderon

¿Who are you? ¿Who are you going to be when you take off the mask? ¿What have you learned in this period? Simple questions that has no longer a simple answer.

The other day, I met an extraordinary woman with whom we are exploring possibilities for alliance, and when she asked me who are you, I took a deep breath and hold a silence for a moment, since I am not longer the one who I was three months ago when the global pandemic situation started, so this turned into a conversation of who are we now and who we are going to be when this ends, if it ends; so I want to share with you some thoughts about this new future came out of this conversation.

We know rationally change is constant, skin regenerates, nails, hair, every cell in our body regenerates and we have new body every 3 months and new ways of being every 7 years, form childhood, to teenage, adulthood in different phases, and at the same time we are not conscious of this changes. In the organizational world, we are used to changes, new materials, new politics, new competitors, new industries, and at the same time we want to remain in the familiar, find our comfort some and rest into for a while.

We need to stop waiting for this to end and go back to normal, speaking as if are going back to old habits and ways of doing things are going to make us feel comfortable, peaceful or will work for being productive and happy and a “better world”, the “normal” way, as we use to call the old ways are not going to come back, it is impossible, the world has changed in some many different aspects: economically, socially, in our health, our wealth and our internal world, it is not possible to come back, not any more, our world is a new world. We have been for so many years looking for a new planet to build a new world, and now our world is a brand new world with so much already built, and the questions is ¿how are we going to inhabit it, build it, take care of it?

If this is a new world, ¿wouldn´t you be curios of getting to know it? ¿Wouldn´t it be awesome to explore what´s new, respectfully get close to nature again, ask simple questions to the people around you used to know, but now you know they are different, go out to know the new businesses have born during this period and have the privilege to build together the new organizational world?

New ways of working together have been conquer, for some organizations and businesses better than to others which were forced to adopt home office collaboration and some foundational elements are still missing to take the full advantage of this remote scheme.


In this new world, ¿who are you? ¿Who is the human being behind the mask? We have the opportunity to choose consciously who are we going to be for ourselves, for others, for our organizations and businesses, for the world. All of us have pass through a period of challenge; some have fought with the situation, the governments, the decisions and the rules and may be tired of fighting; some have tried to run away as usual in the making, just being too busy all the time and not taking a pause to reflect on what’s happening; some have just resign to the situation and be caught by the circumstances seeing no possibilities ahead, some might find the way to collaborate with the situation, tried to get the best of it, reflect, reinvent, reshape, even take the time to help others… and either way you have been through this situation, there is a new journey in front of us, and we have the unique opportunity to choose how are we going to live our lives from now on. It might sound simple, but is not, even if you don´t make a conscious decision on who are you going to be, you are creating  your future and making already a decision, going to the drift.

The living game, the success game, the relationships game, the working game, the entertainment game, the economic and social game, even the spiritual game has changed. And we are the ones to write the new rules of these games, the decision of being the gamer or just watch others play the game, define the allies and the ways to win this games, identify the enemies that can makes us lose the game, and last but not least, the mood to play this game, ¿with grieve, being proud, with sadness or anger, in joy, hope, curiosity or fear?

My invitation to you is to find a moment every day to rest into the situation, take a deep breath, let your body find a comfortable posture to stay calm, allow all your thoughts to pass through your mind without sticking to any of them, and ask yourself ¿Who I am now?, ¿who I want to be from now on to myself, to others and to the world? ¿What is the new game I want to play? And do not hesitate to find the right answer, it doesn´t exist, that could be an old habit of having all the answers, let it go and just stay with the questions… the answer might appear every day in every single moment, in the air you breath, in the silence you hear, in a hug, in a smile, in the new creations, in the simple actions, and every baby step you take into this new world. Just do not walk alone, let´s do it together.

This new world requires the agility to respond with creativity to the new needs and at the same time, the ability to appreciate everything, listen widely, allow yourself to be touched and vulnerable, walk with others and collaborate to create bigger, to go farther, to survive and keep growing, to create a future where we all thrive.

We all can lead this new way of being in the new world, and we will need new abilities to build success, agile teams, high performance from home office collaboration, effectiveness in reaching the results we want for our businesses, organizations and lives.

At Lisen Group we have design an 8 week online program for Leadership Evolution where you can learn the new competences and abilities to navigate uncertainty, get significant results and create the game you want to play now.

Jaquelinne M. Calderon

Lisen Group

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