Por: Jaqueline Muñoz

A life without a purpose is like navigating without a compass

Do you feel like navigating without a compass?

Culturally in the last centuries we have been said out purpose in life is being productive, we born , we grow we work, we produce and reproduce, we get old and died… and we can feel satisfied and joyful if we are lucky at the end of life on how productive our life was.

That was the old game of life… only a few people, the weir, the outstanding or the crazy were connected and lived a life with a different purpose, some people purpose were enlighten the world or their country peace, justice for the vulnerable, creation for world transformation… and we can name some of them – Galileo Galilei, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jesus, Wright brothers, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Emilia Eckhart, The Curie´s, Ludwig van Beethoven, Louis Pasteur, Mother Teresa of Calcuta, Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Frederic Nietzsche, Henry Ford, Revolutionary people for their country such as Gandhi,… recently some people that shift world´s perspective such as Bert Hellinger by the Family Constellation Therapy, Daniel Goleman with Emotional Intelligence, Eric Ries with Lean start up, etc…we can list and we would find those people who led the world to a transformation about how we can play the game of life in different fields, see with new eyes, understanding ourselves as human beings, our brain, mind, body and emotional worlds, challenging status quo, taking stands and inspiring the world to a new state of consciousness.

They are seen as different, outlier, unique leaders and extraordinary people…that let the rest of humanity think they are not enough special or brave or intelligent … what is left for “common” people then? Is it produce and reproduce the only purpose possible?

What could happen if we go deeper and find out this outstanding people were more like regular people living an extraordinary life? Or people embracing a purpose in life instead of fitting in world’s expectations, family expectations or cultural stereotypes?

What if we dare to challenge stereotypes and expectations from others and take a stand for what we really care about, a stand for a significant life, making every step in this journey calling life worth it… we embrace our purpose and take the risk of be happy now, in every conversation, with any action and enjoy every moment, learn from any experience and relationship?

What could you say is the game of your life? What role are you playing in the game of your life? Are you the gamer, the coach, the judge, the spectator of gamers, supporting from the backstage and not being seen, the organizer getting money from the game? or the creator of the game?

When we dare to make a pause and ask ourselves what game are we playing in life, the possibility of connection and purpose realization became feasible and not for extraordinary people, but for common people choosing to live a life with a purpose bigger that producing and reproducing. We do not need to take a stand for such a big purpose as the people listed above did, but we can always choose to be a drop in the ocean that shift the tide.

When we dare to connect with our purpose is like navigating in the journey of life with a compass, a map and the best crew, all our decisions became simple, all our actions align to that purpose if we are committed enough to it. Uncertainty became clarity, even in tough times, challenging scenarios because, purpose is the light guiding our steps in the dark and strengthen our spirit.

We invite you to explore yourself, discover your purpose, design the game you want to play to live a significant and satisfactory life through our programs “Leadership Evolution”, “The purpose program” and “Professional Coaching Certification” at Lisen Education. Find out more at www.lisengp.com set an interview sending a message to 5510888083 or contacto@lisengp.com

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